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Ray Collins delivers inside advice for anyone looking to set themselves apart in business or politics. He offers everything from how to get media how to enhance your appearance, even your voice! He's credible, straightforward--and I recommend him highly.

- Florida Rep. Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton)

Andrew Neitlich is one of the most brilliant Masters I have ever encountered. I think you are not even aware of how much value you provide... I spent time with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson, Tamara Lowe, etc - you are unique!

- Helena Nyman, Success/Executive Coach, Speaker & Author

Andrew Neitlich has a rare gift for distilling a clear, step-by-step approach that ensures outstanding achievements. I recommend his work for anyone interested in a streamlined, no nonsense approach to breakaway performance.

- Peter Meyers, Stand & Deliver Consulting

I think the world of Corey Crowder. He is a competitor and a winner with a great work ethic who is passionate, inspiring, professional, and mentally tough. I know that anyone could be helped by Corey's coaching, advice, and mentoring.

- Eric Musselman; former head coach, Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings

As a former Professional Athlete, member of the Legends of Basketball Retired Players Association, and Business Entrepreneur, I am proud to recommend Corey Crowder. I would certainly feel comfortable knowing that anyone close to me has a mentor like Corey.

- George Wm. Tinsley, Sr., President of Pengo, Inc & Tinsley Family Concessions in Miami; Member of NBRPA – Legends of Basketball; KWC Three Time National Champion

I've known Corey Crowder for more than a decade now. I've been a witness to his transformation from a quiet, timid rookie trying to make an NBA team to a wise gentleman who has carved out a 16 year professional basketball career. His experiences, upbringing and leadership skills certainly qualify him as a mentor, coach and guide. His life is inspirational as well as one that should be shared.

- T."Blue" Edwards, Former Professional Basketball Player for: Utah Jazz, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics & Miami Heat; Currently a studio analyst for ESPNU

Elena Neitlich offers business etiquette that is perfect for a new generation. Forget about the old-fashioned approach to etiquette training. She makes etiquette relevant to the world of the Internet, mobile devices, and global business.

- Nancy McAward, descendant of original Mayflower family and member of Daughters of the American Revolution

Tap Into the SIZZLING HOT Field of Brand & Image Consulting....

Especially when you get a complete marketing manual to build your practice, ABSOLUTELY FREE (Details Below).


Brand and image consulting are experiencing explosive growth. If you want to earn a great income and help successful people become even more successful, then get certified today as a Brand and Image Consultant with the Institute for Brand & Image Consulting.
In addition to receiving our Certification credential, you learn everything you need to know to attract clients and build a reputation as a leading professional in your marketplace.

Best of all, you can get Certified with us in as little as a few weeks, all from the comfort of your home. You don’t need prior knowledge, you don’t have to invest lots of money, you can set your own hours, and you don’t even have to have prior business experience to succeed.

The bottom line: If you want to work with high-profile and dynamic people, make a huge difference to others while earning a great income, have loyal clients who rave about you to others, and get into a rapidly growing field, then keep reading….

Why Brand and Image Consulting are Booming

These days, image matters more than ever. Everyone is in the public eye – whether through job interviews, traditional media, social networking, or all-pervasive video recorders and cell phone cameras. To succeed, almost everyone needs to improve how they come across to others. And, fortunately for you, few people have the skills required and they are willing to pay top dollar to experts who can help them. That’s where you come in!

As you can see, the market is wide open for savvy brand and image consultants to build a thriving practice. There are many types of people who want your help, and many different solutions you can offer…all in exchange for top dollar. All you need is a handful of clients – a tiny fraction of a percentage of the people who want your help – and you earn a lucrative income.

There’s just one problem….

Without training and guidance from leading brand and image consultants who have “been there and done that,” your chances of success are low. You have to know how to communicate your value, attract desirable clients, delight them with results, and become the “go to” brand and image consulting professional in your marketplace.

The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting's
"Certified Brand and Image Consultant" Success System

To address the above problem, The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting has assembled a team of world-class experts to train you in each and every aspect of brand and image consulting, from A to Z. That way, you emerge with the knowledge, confidence, and credential you need to succeed.

Before I tell you about the “Certified Brand and Image Consultant” Success System and how it includes everything you need to succeed as an image consultant, let me tell you about your faculty….

Work with THE All-Star Team of World Class Experts

If you are going to learn the brand and image consulting business, do yourself a favor and learn from the top people in the field. The Institute for brand and Image Consulting is led by six of the top image consulting experts in the world, each with their own unique niche:

Ray Collins. Ray Collins has spent 25 years in TV, radio and writing for magazines. He has been on-the-air and in management. Over the years, Ray launched a news department for a new TV station,  anchored the morning and evening news,  was nominated for an Emmy award—and won an Associated Press award for Overall Excellence.  He’s covered thousands of stories — from Presidential Inaugurations, to Super Bowls, to hurricanes. He has been a news anchor on ABC, CBS NBC and Fox affiliates, and been a panelist on C*SPAN for Gubernatorial and US Senate debates. He has also been a morning-drive show host in a major market, filling in for former Congressman Fred Grandy (aka ‘Gopher’ on the Love Boat) as the morning-drive radio show host on WMAL-AM in Washington DC.

Now Ray runs a highly sought-after media and image consulting firm(, with an emphasis on helping high-profile individuals and elected officials handle the press and present themselves powerfully in public.

Elena Neitlich. Elena is one of the leading etiquette and style experts in the world. After a career that has included training elite butlers and nannies and working with four-star restaurants as a captain and wine sommelier, she became develop one of the leading etiquette training programs in the world. She has trained thousands of people, in 36 countries around the world to become etiquette trainers. Her website is a leading resource for etiquette training and advice.

She has also had a successful career in fashion, from modeling to designing and creating clothing. She understands the ins and outs of fashion and helping people look their best and project their best image -- even on a limited budget.

Elena has joined the Institute for Brand & Image Consulting to offer her expertise in business etiquette and protocol to you, so that you can offer this wisdom to your clients.

Corey Crowder. Former professional basketball player Corey Crowder understands the life of the celebrity. He played for the Utah Jazz before enjoying a 14-year career playing professional basketball in Europe. His book Superstar for Life details the trials and tribulations of the celebrity, both on the court and off. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Corey continues to coach and mentor up and coming professional basketball players and other elite athletes.

Corey will show you how to help high-profile clients maintain a positive public image, no matter how many distractions they face-whether from paparazzi or in their personal lives.

Andrew Neitlich. Andrew Neitlich runs the Center for Executive Coaching, where he trains coaches to work with high-profile executives, entrepreneurs, and managers. He is the author of a number of books about leadership, career success, personal branding, and executive presence – most notably Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career with Guerrilla Marketing founder Jay Conrad Levinson. Andrew travels the world helping executives improve performance, be more effective, and take their careers to the next level. He is also a sought-after expert about how to build a successful consulting practice. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991.

When you join the Institute for Brand & Image Consulting, Andrew will share with you his knowledge of personal branding, powerful communication, and attracting all the clients you can handle as an image consultant.

Chris London, Partner/Art Director, Pixel Productions, Inc. Chris is a genius at designing logos, website, and graphic materials to make a brand come to life. He has worked with large, mid-sized and emerging companies and shares with you the insights he has about how to work with your clients to make a brand visually compelling.

William J. Lees III. Bill Lees founded and runs the firm Internet Marketing Logic, which in six years has propelled itself to the top of the search optimization industry. Bill is a leading expert in online marketing and, with alliances in all levels of the optimization landscape, his firm is privy to information and trends before they happen. Bill is a familiar face at popular web-related conferences and training sessions. He has worked with Google and has an unusually deep understanding of online marketing.

With Bill’s expertise as part of your program, you get the tactics you need to manage your clients’ image, branding, and presence online – including exactly what to tell a web developer to improve your clients’ online presence. This information alone is a gold mine of invaluable secrets that few other image consulting professionals come close to understanding.

What You Learn with the “Certified Brand and Image Consultant” Success System…

In as little as a few weeks, you can become Certified as a Brand and Image Consultant. You go through the program from the comfort of your own home or office. Following is a sample of just some of the topics you cover for success in the field:

  • 1. Who hires an Brand and image consultant and why.
  • 2. The keys to getting hired.
  • 3. The most profitable target markets.
  • 4. A typical day and week for the super-successful Brand and image consultant.
  • 5. The Brand and image consulting process and how to manage it to create raving clients.
  • 6. The Brand and image consulting engagement structure and business model.
  • 7. Assessing your client and developing a consulting plan for top results.
  • 8. The Brand and image consulting opportunity.
  • 9. Institute for Brand & Image Consulting’s proprietary process to brand your client for maximum results, visibility, and positive impact.
  • 10. Identify and build on your clients’ strengths.
  • 11. Matching attitudes, behaviors, character, values, and authenticity to the desired brand.
  • 12. Work with organizations: the opportunities in non-profits, small business, and larger corporations.
  • 13. Work with job seekers to land bigger and better opportunities.
  • 14. Work with solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, and other freelancers
  • 15. Work with celebrities: athletes, musicians, actors, authors, and public speakers.
  • 16. Coach clients on public presentations, speaking, and powerful communication.

  • 17. Help clients get the word out and be visible.
  • 18. How to get press coverage.
  • 19. How to write an effective press release for your clients.
  • 20. How your clients can make dry issues more compelling and make their remarks come alive .

  • 21. The best time to announce bad news and how to do it.
  • 22. Helping clients gain access to reporters and avoid their pet peeves.
  • 23. Where, when, and how your clients should stage press conferences.
  • 24. Work effectively with print, television, and online reporters.
  • 25. Help your clients look and sound their part.
  • 26. Choose the right colors to wear when you are in front of a camera.
  • 27. When to dress up or when to dress down.
  • 28. What suits/ties/dresses look best on camera or at a podium, and what to avoid.
  • 29. How to avoid polarizing an audience.
  • 30. Common men’s and women’s fashion mistakes, and the keys to making sure your clients look fashionable in every situation.
  • 31. Easy exercises guaranteed to improve your clients’ voice and articulation.
  • 32. Help your clients build an online presence that supports their image and get the most out of online tools for image management and branding.
  • 33. Career transition strategies for success and a bulletproof career.
  • 34. Help your clients manage their personal life so that they don’t have distractions that can derail their success.
  • 35. Interviewing etiquette and success to land the job.
  • 36. Business dining etiquette.
  • 37. Social media strategies for your clients to get visible online.
  • 38. Meeting and greeting.
  • 39. Other business etiquette that your clients must know.

  • 40. Build up your clients’ power base so that they are indispensable.
  • 41. Help clients reinvent themselves when appropriate.
  • 42. Generate leverage for your clients and their personal or company brand.
  • 43. Establish yourself as the go-to image consulting professional.
  • 44. How to choose a profitable target niche and dominate it.
  • 45. Developing an irresistible website that compels prospects to take action.
  • 46. How to get visible with low-cost, proven strategies.
  • 47. How to convert prospects to clients.
  • 48. How to generate a stream of referrals from raving fans.
  • 49. Selling conversations to get hired.
  • 50. The brand and image consultant proposal and contract.
  • 51. Beyond clients and trading your time for dollars: from solo practitioner to firm builder.

Most importantly, as you go through the above topics, you will build a practice that works for you – for your style, your talents, and your interests. The good news about brand and image consulting is that there are almost unlimited clients, situations, and niche markets where you can make a great income. We are here to open up new possibilities and opportunities for yourself, so that you succeed and love what you do every day.

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the scope of our agenda. Our program walks you through each step of the way, and we are here 24/7 to offer support. YOU choose which solutions to offer your clients. You can focus on just one area like etiquette, fashion, branding, and media -- or you can build up a broad and deep toolkit. Regardless, we are here to guide you to success!

In Case You Worry That Certification as a Brand and Image Consultant Will Cost a Fortune....

The faculty at the Institute for Brand & Image Consulting command up to $10,000 each per day for their services and up to $5,000 for other training programs that they offer, but you can take comfort that this program is extremely affordable. In fact, your very first client will pay back your investment and then some.

Other brand and image consulting programs cost between $3,000 and $10,000, and they offer a lot less with much less distinguished teachers. However, if you join The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting Certified Brand & Image Consultant program now, you automatically become a "charter member" and can take advantage of special charter member pricing. You pay just $995, and you can even pay in 5 convenient monthly installments of $199 per month. You receive everything that comes with the program as soon as you sign up and pay just $199 to get started. There are no financing charges or other hidden fees, and shipping is included to you anywhere in the world. Or -- if you wish to pay up front, you save 20% and pay just $795 and save over 20%, or $200!

This pricing won’t last. We plan to raise our prices to market rates very soon and reserve the right to do so without notice, so lock in this price now. Keep reading to see the amount of materials and support you receive, and how the program works…


Here Is Exactly What You Receive…

You receive a great deal of content, and we have set up a curriculum for you to learn it efficiently and easily. Remember -- YOU choose which pieces of our curriculum to use in your brand and image consulting practice. You focus where it makes the most sense for YOUR talents, interests, and goals. Any single piece of our curriculum can turn you into a well-known and respected brand and image consulting expert. You can use everything, or you can choose to focus on becoming an expert in a single area. It is up to you, and we are always here to provide guidance and support! Here is what you receive:


INCLUDED -- The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting's Proprietary Image Consultant Training Manual. This comprehensive 221-page manual walks you through everything you need to know to succeed as a brand and image consultant. It is broken down into easy-to-digest, step-by-step modules, written by experts in the field, so that you learn the material at your pace. It includes worksheets and tools for you to help your clients develop a compelling brand and convey the right image for maximum success. This manual will set you apart as an expert and trusted advisor in the field.

INCLUDED -- Exclusive Member Area. As soon as you sign up, you get a password to your member area. The member area contains podcasts, step-by-step lesson plans, and updates to your materials. It also contains ebook versions of the materials you receive by mail, so that you can download them and use the worksheets with clients.

INCLUDED -- Lesson Plan Broken into Manageable Chunks. Please don’t be overwhelmed by our agenda and everything you receive with this program. You get a step-by-step with a lesson plan so that you go through the materials in step-by-step, manageable fashion. That way, the program becomes easy to learn and digest.

INCLUDED -- Downloadable Podcasts and Videos Walking You Through the Materials. You not only get written materials, but also audio recordings and videos that you can download from your member area. These include interviews and lectures with your faculty guiding you through the content, along with video demonstrations of proper etiquette. You can access these recordings and videos any time, from your computer or mobile device.

INCLUDED -- Special Report: The Brand & Image Consultant’s Process and Engagement Structure. You learn how brand and image consulting works and the various ways to set up engagements with your clients. This report offers a graphic you can use with prospects to give them confidence that you are credible and have a process to get results. You also discover different models to structure projects with your clients and earn a great income, including coaching, seminars, and consulting engagements.

INCLUDED -- The Brand & Image Consultant’s Marketing Guide. This concise, powerful guide shows you: the keys to establishing trust and value as a brand and image consultant, why people hire brand and image consultants, profitable markets to pursue, marketing messages to compel action, creating a powerful website, converting prospects to clients, creating a stream of referrals, and getting visible as the go-to brand and image consultant in your marketplace. PLUS: We work directly with you to personalize your own marketing message and action plan, so that you achieve your goals and revenue targets on your schedule.

INCLUDED -- Assessments that Make Delighting Your Clients a Paint-By-Numbers Process. Your program includes dozens of assessments that show you exactly how to get to the heart of what different types of clients need and what they value most from your services. That way, you delight your clients by getting results quickly and efficiently. These assessments cover the most common types of clients and situations, so that you start your engagement off the right way and get results for your clients almost effortlessly.

INCLUDED -- Andrew Neitlich’s Guide to Branding – for Individuals and Organizations. One of your most important roles as an brand and image consultant is helping your clients create a powerful personal and/or business brand that compels people to take action and attracts positive attention. This guide shows you how to define the most valuable and effective brand for your clients, whether for themselves or their organizations. It includes worksheets and a step-by-step process to succeed.

INCLUDED -- Ray Collins’ Guide to Getting Visible and Handling the Media. Media expert Ray Collins shows you how to get positive press coverage for your clients, from press releases to press conferences and interviews with reporters. Rays get down to the details, including information about the best day of the week and time of day to hold a press conference, what to wear and what not to wear, and getting on the good side of reporters. You also learn how to train your clients to deliver powerful presentations, seminars, and other communications.

INCLUDED -- Elena Neitlich’s Guide to Business Etiquette and Success. Elena shows you how to teach your clients business etiquette, from dining out with clients and potential employers to interviewing, meeting and greeting, and building relationships based on respect and mutual trust. With her guide, your clients will set themselves apart as distinguished, attractive professionals.

INCLUDED – William J. Lees’ Guide to Online Marketing and Managing Your Online Presence. This guide will put you and your image consulting practice at the forefront of current technology. You will be able to help your clients create an online presence that compels people to take notice. This guide includes: how to create online exposure for best results, the best online tools to use and how to get the most out of them, secrets for getting at the top of Google and other search engines, the right and wrong ways to use social networking to one’s advantage, handling online threats to one’s image, creating one’s own website for maximum positive exposure, and the top mistakes that even seasoned web developers and celebrities make online.  This guide alone is worth the price of this program, and will set you and your practice apart from other consultants who haven’t yet moved into the latest best practices of the Internet and social networking age

INCLUDED -- The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting's Guide to Fashion Success. Many image consultants work closely with clients to dress for maximum impact. This important guide shows you exactly what to look for to assess the fashion choices of both your male and female clients, and how to help them create the perfect wardrobe to make the impression they want to make -- on any budget. Includes: matching the right styles to body type, accessories, hair, shoes, dressing up and dressing down, colors to wear, and much more. All of the experts in the Institute for Brand & Image Consulting have had extensive experience in dressing and looking "the part" to project the right image, and they team up to bring this powerful guide to you.

INCLUDED -- Corey Crowder’s Superstar for Life. If you want to work with celebrities and high-profile clients, Corey Crowder’s guide lays out the framework and issues you need to address with them. He lived the life of a celebrity for many years as a professional basketball player, and understands the distractions, pitfalls, and risks of that life. He walks you through the keys to success for your clients so that they don’t derail their current career, and are prepared for future opportunities.

INCLUDED – Special Report: Working with a Professional Advertising and Design Service Provider to Create a Compelling Visual Brand. Acclaimed Art Director Chris London walks you through a series of case studies about branding companies and products, all the while sharing insights about how to create a great brand and visual representation of the client. You and your clients have only a split second to capture the attention of the target audience, and Chris shows you what it takes to be successful.

INCLUDED -- 24/7 Email Support for a full FIVE YEARS. When you join our program, we are here to help. Contact us anytime with questions about the content, marketing your practice, and specific client situations. We will answer you, generally within 1 business day if not much sooner. In fact, our members rave about how responsive we are.

INCLUDED -- Certificate Suitable for Framing. Once you complete your program, you receive an 8.5” X 11” Certificate suitable for framing.

INCLUDED -- Marketing Collateral and Guidance. You also receive a logo that you can use on your website and printed marketing materials attesting to your Certification with us.

INCLUDED – Membership for Life in The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting. Once you sign up with us, you are a member in The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting. You can network with other members, get updates to your member area with new information about the industry, and get invitations to conferences about Brand and image consulting.


How It Works….

Sign up by clicking any of the red buttons on this page. As soon as you do, you receive access to your member area, where you can listen to podcasts and view your curriculum. At the same time, your materials are shipped via Priority Mail so that you receive them within a few days of your order.

As soon as you receive the materials, you schedule a live one-on-one call with a member of our faculty. We will walk you through the program, customize the curriculum to your needs, and answer any immediate questions you have.

You go through the curriculum at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office. Most members take between a few weeks and six months to complete it. It is up to you, and you can take as much or as little time as you like.

Once you complete the curriculum, you receive your Certification, including a Certificate and graphics to use on your marketing collateral. 

There are no additional renewal fees, and no hidden costs or additional fees to get Certified. Everything is included with your tuition, and you are grandfathered in from future cost increases.

However, we plan to change this in the very near future when we also raise our prices. Therefore, please join the program now if you want to avoid higher costs or ongoing charges and requirements.


PLUS: Get $497 in Bonus Resources -- ABSOLUTELY FREE

To help make your decision easier, we are offering three additional resources that normally sell for $497:

BONUS #1: Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results. This 214-page workbook will become an indispensable tool to you and your clients who are leading organizations. It helps your clients build a powerful network of relationships, communicate more powerfully, eliminate unproductive behaviors, and better engage their teams.

BONUS #2: Guru Millionaire. You can make a huge difference to your clients (and your own practice) by helping them build leverage based on their expertise. The 173-page Guru Millionaire shows you many different business models for speakers, authors, and other experts to build a lucrative business based on what they know and can share with others. It also shows you how to build your own image consulting practice into something bigger than you ever could have imagined.

BONUS #3: The Professional’s Business Development Manual, by Andrew Neitlich. This 310-page guide provides you with a step-by-step manual to getting all the clients you can handle. It shows you and your clients how to establish value and credibility in the market, attract attention based on trust and value, and get visible in the marketplace using high-impact, low-cost strategies. It also includes a marketing plan template that you can use for yourself and your clients.


Your Potential Return on Investment is a “No-Brainer”

Brand and image consultants can earn between $500 and $5,000 per month per client. This program is set up and priced so that a single client like that pays back your investment. There aren’t many educational opportunities out there that offer this kind of return.

If you are on the fence about getting into this field, answer the following questions:


This investment is a no-brainer no matter how you analyze it, and ESPECIALLY compared to franchises and other training programs that run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

I sincerely hope you see the benefits of this program and how it can propel your career forward. You get all of the materials and support you need to succeed in the booming field of brand and image consulting.

Now it is up to you to take the next step, by signing up right now while charter pricing and the three free bonuses remain available. I look forward to working with you.


Andrew Neitlich
Co-Founder and Director

The Institute for Brand & Image Consulting 

P.S. Questions? Email us directly at and we will get right back to you with an answer. You can also call me directly on my personal cell phone at 941-539-9623.

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